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Whether you have space for a large backyard garden, or you are planting a small container garden for your balcony, one thing you will need to think about is how much sun your plants get. Sometimes, especially if you live in an apartment complex, you have to deal with all-day sun or all-day shade. Or you may have some large trees in your yard that block the sun for a lot of the day. Perhaps you are in a new neighborhood with few large trees. Whatever your situation, you can still have a great flower production this year.

Flowers that love all-day sun:

– Zinnias


– Mums


– Serena Angelonia


– Peonies (for the brave of heart)


– Coneflowers


Flowers that love all-day shade:

– Hydrangeas


– Mountain Snow Pieris


– Azaleas


– Impatiens


– Cyclamen




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