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With the weather growing cooler, it is likely that everyone will be spending less time outside caring for their plants in the garden. However, being surrounded by plants can have many health and mood benefits, which is perfect for the shorter days ahead. If you are interested in starting an indoor plant collection, it is best to begin with plants that are hardy and difficult to kill. Make sure you know how much light the plant needs and plan its placement accordingly. If you have pets, make sure that any plants that you bring in your home are either pet safe or placed where your furry friends cannot get to them!

1) Paddle Plant: Succulents are a great starter indoor plant as they prefer drier dirt and sunny windows. 


2) Albuca Frizzle Sizzle: This plant is definitely a conversation starter with its unique looks and vanilla scent when it blooms.


3) Pothos: This is perhaps the most well-known indoor plant. It is particularly hardy and can live in dim lighting and is not too affected by under or over-watering.


4) Jade Plants can withstand almost a month with no watering! They keep their moisture in their leaves, so they can go long periods with drier soil. These plants are not pet-friendly, so make sure you have them on a high shelf!


5) Dragon Tree: This plant is a low-light plant and can fill in that corner that just needs a little something extra. This plant is also toxic to animals, so plan accordingly.


6) Bromeliads are related to the pineapple plant and can live for a long time. It prefers more tropical weather, so if you are able to keep it around 70 degrees, you will have a successful plant.


7) Kalanchoe is a great plant if you are looking for some flowering plants in your home. It can withstand drier dirt and temperature swings.


8) Dieffenbachia: This plant prefers filtered light, so it will thrive by a window with blinds or curtains. 



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