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The People of Phoenix

Chad Johnson


Chad 2015

Chad joined Post Properties in 1984, beginning his 33 years of landscape experience and gaining an appreciation of the professionalism and skill that Post had built its reputation on in Atlanta, Georgia. Chad Johnson started and developed Carolina Landscape Management for six years between 1989 and 1995, maintaining properties in North and South Carolina from operations centers located in Charlotte, Columbia and Raleigh- Durham. In 1995 Chad Johnson started Phoenix Landscape Management, Inc. and has grown and expanded the company into nine locations throughout the Southeast.

Tim Skelton

VP of Sales


Tim has 28 years of industry experience starting with Southern Lawn in 1989. Tim managed their operations prior to starting New South Landscape, which had operations centers in Greenville and Columbia, South Carolina. In 2001, he sold his interest in New South to start a partnership with Phoenix Landscape Management. Tim has been an integral part in growing our Greenville, Columbia, Charleston and Augusta locations.

Kevin Thompson

VP of Operations

Kevin T 2015

Kevin has 25 years of industry experience beginning when he was a teenager and started his own landscaping operation. Kevin decided to work for a landscaping company to learn about running a business. In 1994, Kevin began his own landscaping company, Thompson’s Lawn Care, where he acquired hands-on experience by working with nurseries and golf courses. In 2001, Kevin’s reputation was well-established, and he accepted an Area Manager position with PLM. His talents go beyond landscaping, as he has proven to be a key component in PLM’s operations, including developing and training much of our young talent. Kevin currently serves as PLM’s VP of Operations, primarily focusing on Charlotte and Greenville.

Matt Holmes

VP of Charleston

(Charleston, SC)


Matt’s employment with PLM started when he participated in our summer internship program while he was attending college at the Citadel. Shortly after he graduated from the Citadel, Matt began managing with PLM. Matt is a licensed pesticide applicator and his unique talents include landscape design, floriculture design, implementation and maintenance. He believes that the key to success is outstanding customer service. Matt enjoys Charleston and growing our newest market.

Adam Wyman

Regional Manager

(North-Central Region)

Adam 2016

Adam started with PLM in 2009 as a laborer in Greenville, SC while working on a degree in Landscape Architecture. His hard work and talent for designing landscape installation, was quickly rewarded with a promotion to a Supervisor. In 2010, Adam took another promotion at our Charlotte Branch as an Area Manager. In 2012, he moved to our Coastal Branch to operate the St. James Community for several years. Currently, Adam operates the Asheville Branch, growing our customer base, and also gives support to the Coastal and Columbia branches.

Jonathan Holmes

Regional Manager

(Augusta, GA/Columbia, SC)


In 2011, Jonathan was first employed by PLM as an intern in Columbia while studying at Clemson. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Horticulture, he was hired at PLM as a Spray Technician. Because of his dedication to a job well-done, he was promoted to the Area Manager of Augusta, GA. By helping to grow our company, Jonathan earned another promotion to Regional Manager. Currently, he oversees the landscape operations at the Fort Gordon base in Augusta and the Fort Jackson base in Columbia.

Shawn Fitzgerald

Regional Manager

(Coastal Carolina)

Shawn 2017

Shawn grew up in Tampa, FL. While attending the University of South Florida, he joined the Army. After 9/11 occurred, Shawn was deployed to Iraq. He served two tours, the last one ranking as a Company Commander. Due to Shawn’s leadership skills, he continued to move up the ranks, commanding 800 soldiers and over $400 million in equipment. Shawn still serves our country in the Army Reserves. Not only does he have a wealth of real-world experience, Shawn also holds two Masters Degrees. Shawn and his family are excited to put down roots in Myrtle Beach, where Shawn uses his skills to lead the Phoenix team.

Jeremy Loadholdt

Operations Manager

(Charlotte, NC)

Jeremy 2017

While Jeremy was growing up, he loved to help his granddad on the family land. His love for nature and seeing the fruits of his labor, led him to begin a landscaping business while in high school. Jeremy attended Clemson University and graduated with a degree in Horticulture. His summer internship with a landscaping company led to full-time employment, where he got hands-on experience with landscape enhancement and installation. In 2014, Jeremy was hired as an Area Manager with PLM and moved to Charlotte. Jeremy’s business acumen lead to a promotion as the Charlotte Operations Manager. His gregarious personality makes his customers and co-workers smile, but his commitment to do whatever it takes is what makes him an invaluable part of our team.

Kevin Miller

Operations Manager

(Charleston, SC)

K Miller 2016

Kevin moved to Charleston from Pennsylvania. His interest in landscaping began in high school while working during the summers as a landscaper. That interest, coupled with his talent for designing, led to Kevin’s decision to major in Landscape Architecture. After graduating from Temple University, he designed landscapes, hard-scapes and lighting. Kevin enjoys seeing customers’ excited faces when they see that his completed project has exceeded their expectations. Kevin is a great addition to our Charleston branch, which he is helping to grow. His strong work-ethic and customer service skills are a key ingredient to our Charleston team. Kevin loves living in Charleston, which is so full of beautiful architecture and history.

Inman Love

Operations Manager

(Coastal Carolina)

Inman 2016

Inman grew up in Gaffney SC. He started his landscape career while in middle school, working with his dad on the weekends to maintain rental properties. While attending Clemson University, Inman interned at Brookgreen Gardens where he fell in love with the Coastal landscape. In 2015, Inman graduated from Clemson with a degree in Environmental Horticulture. Inman has a passion for landscape design and is also a licensed pesticide applicator. Inman was hired in 2015 as a project manager at our Coastal Carolina branch. He is now responsible for leading the installation, fertilization, spray, and irrigation crews. He enjoys working with the crews and seeing the results of a finished design. Inman enjoys working for a reputable company and is expanding his knowledge of the landscape industry.

Mary Johnson

Area Manager

(Coastal Carolina)


Mary was born in Miami, FL then moved to Venezuela as a baby. She spent her childhood there but moved to South Carolina for high school. Mary moved back to Venezuela for college and loved to create art in her spare time. Due to the political unrest in Venezuela, Mary came back to the States when it became unsafe to live there. Mary began working for Phoenix in 2016 helping with a variety of administrative tasks, including translation and interpretation. She transitioned into the landscaping field in 2017 and found it to be a great fit. Mary was able to channel her artistic energy into creating beautiful landscaping. Because of her natural talent, tenaciousness, and ability, Mary was promoted to a manager. She loves being in a leadership roll where she can use her people skills and lead by example, all while creating beautiful landscapes for residents to enjoy.

Matt Swartzmiller

Area Manager

(Coastal Carolina)

Matt S 2

Matt started working in the Landscape Industry as a teenager. Because of Matt’s self-discipline and commitment to serving others, he worked his way up. In 1995, he was hired as a Supervisor for Phoenix in Greenville.  Matt proved to be skilled at managing his time, as he graduated from Clemson in 2000 majoring in Horticulture, while working for Phoenix. Afterward, he was promoted to an Area Manager and worked for PLM until 2002.  Then, Matt opened his own landscaping business, which he operated for 12 years. Recently, Matt was presented with the opportunity to move to our Coastal Branch. He always considered the Coast a vacation area and delighted in the fact he could be a part of that atmosphere, while working for a reputable, growing company.

Carlos Hernandez

Area Manager

(Coastal Carolina)

Carlos 1-24-2017

Carlos grew up in Oregon, spending his free time in the mountains. He couldn’t wait to go hiking in the woods after school. When he was a teenager, he moved to North Carolina. After high school, he starting in construction. When the economy crashed, he took a maintenance position with Phoenix and began his landscaping career. Landscaping turned out to be a great fit for Carlos. He was finally able to enjoy the outdoors again. Setting goals and learning new things combined with an outstanding work ethic, marked Carlos as someone with great potential. Carlos quickly moved through the ranks of our company. In just a couple years, he was promoted to a Supervisor, then a Project Manager and is now an Area Manager. Carlos says his next goal is to fly a helicopter. With goal setting skills like his, the sky is the limit!

Beth McKay

Area Manager

(Greenville, SC)

Beth 2018 (2)

Beth grew up in Louisiana then moved to South Carolina to attend college at Lander University. She earned her degree majoring in Political Science. Beth got married and stayed home caring for her four young children. In 2016, Beth began working part-time for Phoenix as the Sales Assistant. She learned about properties, customer support, and administrative tasks as well as landscaping and horticulture. In the Spring of 2018, Beth offered to help the short-staffed floriculture team plant flowers. Beth loved being outside and using her leadership and organizational skills, so she decided to accept a full-time position as the Installation Supervisor. Eager to learn, her unique skill set has helped her develop into a well-rounded Area Manager.

Matt Hudson

Area Manager

(Augusta, GA)

M Hudson 2017

Matt grew up in Florence, SC and graduated from Clemson University, majoring in Animal Agri-Business. Matt is an avid outdoors-man and decided that a career in the Green Industry would be a good fit for him. After interviewing with Phoenix in May of 2015, Matt accepted a position as the Spray Technician in Augusta, GA. He was excited for the opportunities available at PLM and has worked his way up to the Area Manager at Augusta. Matt loves being outside and the variety of challenges that he gets to do each day. The job is interesting, and he gets to learn new things. Matt says the Four-Day work week design is one of his favorite perks – it gives him extra time to hunt and fish during the long weekend!

Matthew Smith

Area Manager

(Columbia, SC)

Matt Picture (4)

Matt was born and raised in Columbia. At an early age, he took an interest in landscaping, going door to door cutting lawns. That spirit of entrepreneurship led to his love of the outdoors and shaped his career path.  In 2006, Matt earned his Associates in Architectural Engineering from Midlands Tech College. After several years of working in the landscape field, he went on to earn his Bachelors in Landscape Architecture at Clemson. While there, he worked for SC Botanical Gardens, interned during the summers, then graduated in 2015. In 2016, Matt was hired as a Project Manager for PLM, then quickly promoted to Area Manager. Matt is an asset to our Phoenix team, as he put his talents to use by designing an Interactive Mapping Program for The Summit.

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