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Internship Program

Why Intern with Phoenix?

Internships are a great way to get hands on experience that will provide a wealth of benefits, many of which cannot be found in the classroom. You will be able to gain hands on experience with our program as well as customizing your intern schedule towards your personal interest.

All interns are paired with a Mentor, who will work closely with you during your internship and will learn proper techniques in a safety-minded, friendly environment, along with earning income to help offset tuition and other college expenses. Hopefully by the end of your summer, you will have developed leadership qualities, resource management skills, and gained a competitive edge when seeking employment.

Our program is designed to last 11 weeks, with a rotating schedule that exposes you to many facets of the industry. Each intern will work with a Mentor to develop a program geared toward their personal interests and abilities. All first-time interns will rotate and spend time working in each operations department of the company while returning interns will have the opportunity to expand and develop their skills in depth more in preparation for their future. The Mentor allows you to have one point of contact that can help you throughout the course of the summer and answer any questions or concerns that may arise. The Mentor will provide guidance and support throughout the summer. Phoenix Landscape Management wants you to succeed, allowing you to focus on strengthening your skills, so your real-life experiences complement your education.

Phoenix Landscape’s interns are paid hourly and receive a housing stipend as needed. Phoenix Landscape Management will also help you find affordable housing near our facility, so you are comfortable if you are living in a new area.

If you are interested in a fall or spring internship, please indicate it on your application. If you would like to join our team next summer, please begin applying in January 2021.

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